How to Use

The purpose of this program is to calculate the total pressure drop in a piping system. For the program to work, you will first add all unique pipes, fittings, and valves. Please note that for each valve, you must add each flow path individually. Once you have entered every part by hitting the add button, you can move to the calculation page. Here you will enter the remaining variables needed to solve this equation. Then submit the entered data, and we will tell you the resulting pressure drop in your system. This program is being developed by Jadrian Teunissen and Ethan Levitt, students at Willamette University studying physics, in conjunction with PROCESSTEC inc. results rely heavily on the apparent viscosity entered.

Pressure Drop Calculation Steps

Step One

The first step is selecting parts for the calculation. This is done in several Sub-steps. the first of which is to filter the parts list for the part you are looking for. The list can filtered by any criteria. once a filter is applied the list will automatically repopulate and only filter options that will yeild results will remain. you can clear the results by pressing the reset button. singular filters can be reset by selecting the no filter option in the drop down.

Step Two

Once you have found the part you are looking for simply add it to you calculation list. This is done by pressing the "add" button next to the part. If you acidently add the wrong part don't fret. Unwanted parts can be removed on the calculation page. Once you have added all the parts in your system press the "Continue Calculation" button.

Step Three

Now that all the parts have been added you must enter the numbers required to calculate the pressure drop. You will need the viscosity, specific gravity, flow rate, and the total change in height. Once these are entered press the calculate button and your awnser will be displayed below. If you need to add aditional parts just press the "Add More" to return to the previous page. Parts can be removed from the list by pressing the "delete" button. The calculation can also be save as a pdf or printed using "print this page button".

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